How we work

Bespoke advice for you and your family that enables you to reach your goals.


Creating brighter futures

We provide “cradle to grave” financial planning that offers continuity and care at every stage of life. You will benefit from a long-term relationship with a financial planner who is genuinely committed to learning about your goals and delivering the best investment and wealth management advice.

Financial planning explained

The initial consultation

To establish if we can work together, we will hold a 40-minute initial consultation at our expense. Before this, you will be sent our regulatory documents and an invitation to complete a confidential questionnaire.

If you decide to engage with us following the initial consultation, you will be told exactly what we propose to do and how much it will cost. Any additional information needed about you, your financial situation and your goals will be gathered at this point.

Formulating your plan

If you decide to work with us, we will write a suitability report. This will be based on conversations we have had previously, and it will set out your needs and objectives and what our recommendations are. We will discuss and develop as necessary.

Once you are happy with our recommendations, we will implement your plan and complete all the necessary paperwork for you to sign.


Providing an ongoing service

It is important to review your plan regularly and make any necessary changes. We will meet once a year to revisit your confidential questionnaire, establish your long-term objectives, review your appetite for risk and determine your short-term goals. We will update you on the investment landscape and provide advice on any strategic changes.

This service is optional, however, if you do not decide to sign up to our ongoing service, your investments will not be reviewed from that point on.


What we charge

Following the initial consultation, we will tell you exactly what the cost of our services will be. We do not want to leave you in the dark, so you will know our fees before signing up to our services. Our fees are very reasonable and represent excellent value for money. You can read more in our client service agreement here.