In retirement

We are here to give you certainty about your finances so you can continue to enjoy retirement.


Receive the guidance you need

Retirement has been treating you well. However, that does not mean you are free from financial worries. You may have your family to consider as well as your own lifestyle and needs.

The first thing to understand is that everyone’s finances in retirement are different. Some people draw from the growth, others will not touch their pension, and some may not have enough to last. We are here to help everyone, regardless of their circumstances.

How we will help you

Boost your financial confidence

Our goal is to minimise any uncertainty you may be feeling about your future. We will sit down with you and understand where you are now and where you want to be. You will walk away feeling a sense of relief.

Leave your wealth to loved ones

If your goal is to gift early inheritance money to your children, we will establish whether it is achievable. Even if you are not thinking about giving money so soon, we will identify how much you can eventually pass on.

Manage your expectations

We will always be realistic and honest about what you can expect to live on. Rather than adopting a “spend it” attitude, we believe you should only take the growth and save the rest. It is a stance our clients greatly appreciate.

Ongoing care and advice

Even if we are confident that your money will last your entire retirement, we will still be there for the long term. We book regular meetings to review your pension pots and adjust your plan if necessary.


Expect nothing but the best

When you choose Corrigans, you are choosing a team who will not only be there for you during later life but will also look after your family. We will be there as you progress through the major milestones and ensure your wealth and investments are managed effectively so the people you care about benefit the most.

Why choose us?